Your Favourite Cushion – New & Improved!

Introducing the new and improved NEO Cushion Matte & Glow - now with new formulation and ingenious packaging. Get ready to elevate your make-up game to new heights with the latest developments in this well-loved product. 


What’s New: Seamless Formula for Unmatched Perfection 

Experience a new level of flawlessness with the NEO Cushion's seamless technology. LANEIGE's team of experts have meticulously engineered micro-size particles that prevent gaps and ensure a more uniform dispersion that creates a thin and evenly blended coverage on any skin. 

The newly developed micro-size particles in the NEO Cushion also offer 1.5 times greater adherence, ensuring your foundation stays in place all day long; no more worries about your make-up transferring onto clothes or smudging throughout the day. 

Additionally, the new NEO Cushion also has a unique Down Pore Sponge, created through heat compression. It features a smaller pore size that perfectly complements the seamless formula. This design allows for precise control over the amount of product dispensed, resulting in effortless application. 


What’s New: Skin Booster for Enhanced Care 

With the new NEO Cushion, we wanted to develop a makeup that is more than just a beauty enhancer—it should also be a skincare powerhouse. That's why we've infused our new formula with a blend of exceptional skincare ingredients. Experience the benefits of Panthenol, Lotus Flower Extract, and Blue Hyaluronic Acid as they work harmoniously to provide your skin with the nourishment it craves. 

These potent ingredients in the NEO Cushion act as a skin booster, offering firming and hydration benefits while creating a flawless makeup base. Prepare to be amazed as your skin becomes visibly more radiant and plump, thanks to the 72% increase in hydration immediately after application. With its 24-hour moisturizing effect, your skin will stay supple and refreshed throughout the day. What's more, the NEO Cushion also enhances skin firmness by up to 6.07% immediately after application, giving you a lifted and youthful appearance. 


What’s New: NEO Dot - A Simple but Clever Solution 

At LANEIGE, we listen to our customers' feedback and strive to improve their experience. That's why we have developed a thoughtful solution to address a common concern - the cushion puff dropping and sticking to the mirror. Introducing the NEO Dot, a small but mighty addition that comes with each NEO Cushion and refill pack. 

The NEO Dot is a separate orange plug designed to be inserted into the refill cap. Its purpose is to hold the puff firmly in place, preventing it from moving around or making a mess. With the NEO Dot, you can now enjoy the convenience of a cushion without the worry of accidental spills or smudges. It's a simple yet effective solution that enhances the overall usability of the NEO Cushion. 

A Whole NEW Era OF NEo is Here 

Experience the revolutionary effect of the new and improved NEO Cushion Matte & Glow today. Embrace seamless coverage, skin-boosting formulas, and innovative and mess-free cushion and packaging. 


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