Bounce Back While You Sleep with LANEIGE’s Newest Sleeping Mask

Achieve plump, bouncy, and hydrated skin overnight with our latest innovation -the Bouncy and Firm Sleeping Mask. Stay true to yourself with this revitalizing overnight treatment that leaves your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Benefits of Bouncy and Firm

1. Stay Bouncy & Firm

Clinically proven to visibly firm and plump your skin, our Bouncy and Firm Sleeping Mask delivers "truly bouncy skin."

Experience a remarkable increase in skin bounciness by 51%, along with visibly reduced wrinkles by 24% and pore size by 48% made possible by our Peony & Collagen Complex™ formula, meticulously crafted through a 24-hour blending process.

2. Stay Hydrated & Glowy

Lock in moisture overnight for "truly glowy skin" the next morning.

Experience a 21% increase in skin moisture level and a 15% increase in skin glow. Our secret? The Hydro-Melt Glow Capsules ensure deep hydration and a radiant complexion by morning.

The New Bedtime Routine

Relax your senses with your new nighttime bestie: The LANEIGE Bouncy and Firm Sleeping Mask

1. Enjoy a sensorial experience with its Melting Sorbet Texture

Delight in a sorbet-like texture infused with Hydro-Melt Glow Capsules, providing plumping moisturization overnight for a refreshing finish.

2. Breathe in the sweet and floral scent of Peony Bouquet

Our proprietary Sleepscent™ envelopes you in a subtle peony flower scent, enhancing your mood before bedtime.

3. Get self-care in a Jar

Lift your skin and your mood with a 30-second facial massage when applying.

Choose the Best Sleeping Mask For Your Skin

Explore the LANEIGE Sleeping Mask range and discover the perfect fit for your skin.