The Revolutionary 3-in-1 Age Preventive Serum

What is Accelerated Aging?

Aging is a natural process in every human being's life. It is inevitable, and at some point, we will have some signs of aging, especially on our skin: fine lines, saggy cheeks, and age spots, to name a few.

Accelerated aging or premature aging, as we commonly know it, is caused by the cumulative effect of the three layers of our skin experiencing different aging symptoms all at once. These symptoms rapidly accumulate causing our skin to fail in breaking the chain of aging.

Some signs of accelerated aging include:

  1. Surface Layer

    • The skin turnover cycle slows down, reducing our skin's repair ability

    • The amount of inflammatory factor on the surface increases

  1. Middle Layer

    • The skin loses valuable components: collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid

    • Weakening of skin barrier support and elasticity

  2. Inner Layer

    • The speed of aged cell generation increases, contaminating the young cells around them

 Individuals in their early 30s typically notice signs of accelerated aging on their skin. At this age, we commonly experience "cliff-like aging" where we suddenly look up to 3 years older.


We've Cracked the Code in Fighting Accelerated Aging

With over 28 years of expertise in revolutionary skincare technology, our team at LANEIGE worked to develop an anti-aging serum that breaks the chain of aging and slows down the cliff-like aging.

The discovery of this new formulation wasn't a simple process. It has undergone 650 days of development and 270 efficacy tests ​done by the best anti-aging experts at LANEIGE.


What's Inside the NEW Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

Specially made to target the phenomenon of accelerated aging, the LANEIGE Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum contains a one-of-a-kind 3x Aging-Chain Delocker™ Technology with three separate serums formulated to break the chain of aging all at one go.

Serum No. 1- The Glow Serum

  • What it’s made of: Made with Bioflavonoid extracted from camellia seed

  • What it does: Replaces aged cells with younger cells to boost glow from the inner layer of the skin

Serum No. 2- The Firming Serum

  • What it’s made of: Contains collagen peptides to increase expression of elastin and collagen

  • What it does: Provides anti-oxidation & skin firming effect

Serum No. 3- The Anti-Wrinkle Serum

  • What it’s made of: Formulated with 2.5 million micro-retinol capsules within each drop

  • What it does: Decreases collagenase that breaks down collagen in the skin, repairs and prevents inflammation, and strengthens the skin's outer barrier

    Why separate them?

    You might be wondering, why separate the serums when you can combine them?

    Placed in a unique container with three separate chambers and three separate holes, the Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum is designed to maximize the stability of ingredients and use it freshest.

    Further testing also produced the following results:

    • Our 3 powerful anti-aging serums in one bottle provide a 251%* stronger anti-aging effect

    • Combining the usage of 3 serums provides a 1.5x** more powerful anti-aging synergy effect


    Beat Accelerated Aging with the LANEIGE Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum, discover the full Perfect Renew 3X range here

    *Compared to data before AD version

    **Compared to using 3 formulas separately (immediately after use)